Campana: February 2017

Hello !

It came to my attention a few days ago that not only had I not sent the update email I had intended to send everyone but also it did not save in my drafts!

I am so very sorry for not getting this out to you all weeks ago. Thanks to you all for praying for my Hong Kong mama, baby and the rest of the family.

As my last update was on Jan 3rd, we had an eventful week beginning just a day after that email. First the two year old in the family had a night of vomiting which was followed by two days of diarrhea. Then next family member to be hit with the stomach bug was mama. Though she had a relatively mild case it also lingered for a couple of days. Once she recovered the the house help had mild case then the 5 yr old was down with it, by the same afternoon the two older kids were hit. I was actively praying baby would wait until the bug was long gone and hopefully not hit anyone else in the family. The baby did wait thankfully, as each one of us in the house took our turn being sick.

A day into my own recovery I heard the Lord tell me to be ready for the baby the 9th or 10th. I don’t often get such specific words about births, however this one proved to be from the Lord. Labor began in the early morning hours on Jan 9th. The contractions were short and very mild occurring 4-5 times an hour. They would remain that way the entire day and into the early evening.
A couple hours later it was time to have my birth assistant make her way to us. It would take her about an hour to get to us by taxi. As I prepared the room for birth, organizing my supplies and such, mama got into a warm tub.
As she labored in the tub with her husband at her side holding her hand while praying for her I could hear the shift in her breathing and tone. I knew she was very close to birthing her baby and because things were going so perfectly straightforward I did what midwives know to do. Sit quietly nearby, wait and let things happen.
Less than an hour later on Jan 10th and just minutes before my birth assistant arrived baby boy Evan peacefully birthed in the water and in his amniotic sac. It was such a blissful birth which was what we prayed for. Baby weighed 8lbs 9oz which is the biggest baby for this mama.

With both families, Costa Rica and Hong Kong, I am still following their progress and will continue to do so for a few more weeks.

Thank you so very very much for covering us all in prayer.
There are some new things on the horizon for me that I want to share with you. I will be sending an update out of all that hopefully before the end of next week.

I will leave you with a few pictures from Hong Kong; New Years fire works over Hong Kong harbor from my bedroom window, Christmas decorations at the entrance of our building, the infamous ‘ladies market’ in Hong Kong, a great place for tourists and locals to shop for anything and everything, Evan at 3days old overlooking the city below, Chinese New Years decorations at our building, me and the whole family before I left and finally Evan at 4 weeks.

Many Blessings Everyone!!