Thau: June 2017

Dear Richard

we need your help to support three family. they are hard woking amoung unreached people in Rakhine State.

Or you can help one family or you can ask someone for their supporters.

Uppu People

Uppu People are from Southern Chin State, Myanmar. The Uppu is one of the 53 Chin tribes, which have been not registered nor know by the government of Myanmar since 1890.

  1. The Origin of Uppu

The origin of Uppu appears to be from Mongolia stock of the Tibeto-Burmese family.

  1. Location

(MyitPia District, Rakhan State; Kaplet District, Chin State; Saw District, MaGyew    Division).

Uppu land is a part of Southern Chin State of Myanmar which is located on the mainland of South-East Asia. It is bound by India to the North, Bangladesh to the West and Magyew Division to the East and Rakhain State to the South. It is also located between North Latitude 20’3 And 21’3, and between East longitudes 93’ 10 and 94’ 10. The Uppu land is mountainous and situated between 800 m to 3200 m above the sea level.  Uppu land has got thousands of slope ranges of mountain, brooks and streams.

  1. Population

The overall Uppu is estimated somewhere between 200000 and 170000.

  1. Village

There are more than 50 villages in Uppu  land. The villages range from 25 to 40 houses.

  1. Languages

Uppu  language is the mother tongue of all Uppu  tribes. Uppu  people can speak other languages those ethic groups who live near their region such as Matu, Dai, Kaplet and Burmese.

  1. Literacy

Uppu people do not have literature (the Alphabets). They have only language. They are forgotten people in Asia (Myanmar). The Word Mission had a vision and common to work for one of the many groups in Myanmar that did not have a Bible in their own language, and many, like the Uppu, not even a system of writing. On Now they are trying to have their own literature.

  1. Education

In Uppu land there are only basic education primary schools (from 5 years to 15 years). Basic Primary School is newly opened in only some villages, but the local people can not learn properly and functionally.

  1. Health

There is no government clinics and dispensaries in Uppu villages. People go to the nearest Burmese villages and the Town to buy some drugs. There are no doctors in Uppu  land. There are rarely found to be given vaccination to Uppu  people in this area are Malaria, dengue fever, Flu, gastric pain, bronchioles, diarrhea and hepatitis.

  1. Festivals, Ceremonies

The Dry bones Celebration and Demonic Sacrifices are the most popular festivals and Ceremony. The tradition says that when a man or woman died, they burn their body and keep his/her bones over’s one year or one and half years. Then they did celebrate for bones in great ways and as great days within the traditional festival and ceremony Uppu  people used to dance and sing songs. The musical instruments are gongs, cymbal, flutes, drums, bamboo claps and so.

  1. Recent 100 years ago Uppu  people are animism. Most Uppu  people have converted to Christianity within the last two decades. In Uppu  Land there are some Christian denominations such as Baptist, N T  Church, AG, Anglican and Mara evangelical church so on. But there are many Uppu people who believe in evil spirits. Still most Uppu people worshiped to demon as their gods and Buddhus.
  2. Agriculture

Hundred percent of Uppu  people earn their lives by practicing shifting cultivation. In Burmese, it is known as “Taungya” derived from the two words “taung”, “a hill”, and “ya”  “cultivation.” The native name for shifting cultivation is “Lou”. It is widely practiced in Uppu  land. Cultivators cut trees, bamboo, grass, burn it, and raise agricultural crops for one or two years before moving on to another site and repeated the process after 7 or 10 years old.

Shifting cultivation is practiced once a year moving from one place to another. They start cutting trees in December and January, burn down the cutting trees in March and begin to sow at the end of May. Their harvest time begins in the early week of November. If the cultivating area is far from the village, house for shelter “Chapum” is built for resting, cooking and sleeping when felling the trees for “taung ya”. Rice, beans, millet, maize, chili, turmeric, potatoes, gourds, sesame, cucumber, pumpkin, ginger, etc are popular crops usually cultivated. The cultivation method is only depending on raining.

  1. Economy

Generally Uppu land is one of the most using remote mountainous land system that the least developed regions inhabitants by indigenous hill tribes of Myanmar. Plantation and gardening are only for their survival and diet food because there are no transportation systems and markets in Uppu  land. Besides that Uppu  people get some money by cultivation of chilis.

  1. Trees

There are a lot of bamboo and fir, pine several of trees in Uppu land. Uppu land is a paradise of trees with thousand of species.

  1. Animals

Land Creatures: Leopard, jungle cat, Red wolf, Fox. Wild dog, Bear, Monkey, Deer, Tortoise, chameleon, land-leech, Hog-deer, sandbur, Bison, Goral, wild pig.

Birds: Varieties of birds’ species are found in chin pun land, more than 200 species of birds’ inhabitant there. Owl, Horn bill, Parakeet, crow, cockatoo, Parrot, Peacock, Partridge, Swallow, Cuckoo, Pigeon, and Jungle fowl, Dove.

Snake: Varieties of snake species, both poisonous and non-poisonous are found in Chin Pum land, Boa constrictor, Hamadryad, Viper, Cobra.

  1. River

The rivers and streams contain various types’ fish species. There are two important Rivers and small streams in Uppu land.

  1. The Way of Worship & Offering

They worship their god evil spirit by offering Dog, Cow and chicken and rice beer.

  1. The way of Marriage

Uppu man can get marriage more than two or three women. Polygamy was accepted.

  1. Transportation

There is little development of transportation in Uppu land. To reach one village to another village they have to spend 4 days or 7 days. They go on foot even at all the time.

19. Prayer request and projects for Uppu People

1. Please pray for our  Uppu student that they will go to plant church in their village where there was no churches at all.

2. Pray that more Uppu  people will open their heart for Jesus.

3. Pray that The Word Mission will reach more unreached people of  Uppu in Uppu land.

4. We need a chill filed inside Uppu which is 3 acres big. For this chill filed project God needs $2500.

5. We need $100 for church planter (one family ) in monthly support. 3 family with their photos.

6. We need $ 25 for monthly support for the children of Uppu people.

Thank you for your gifts for Uppu people.


The Word Mission